Thursday, August 7, 2008

My cute little man

Autumn A-Z Swap

Ok so these Pumpkin Pie Bar recipe cards are for another swap. This is an A-Z swap where you pick a letter of the alphabet and make 26 "somethings" that starts with that letter to swap. (Yes, I made 26 + 1 for me of these!)

Monday, August 4, 2008

Handsome Dylan

Altered Journal Swap

Here is an "altered journal" I made for another swap. It was really fun to make!

I got the compostion book at Office Depot last week for .30 cents and just used stuff I had in my paper crafting stash.

Double Fisted Dylan!

Dylan likes to try to feed himself. He takes the spoon away from me all the time and puts it in his own mouth. Yeah, it's a complete mess! Easier to get in the tub after every feeding!

Dylan is on the move!

I wouldn't call it crawling quite yet, but he and can get places really quickly now! He goes really fast when he is trying to get the kitty (Coal just moves farther away from him so he has to move even more) or when he sees a toy across the room!

Chocolate and Cherry Recipe Card Swap

Yummy! I made these 6 x 6 recipe cards for a "homemade ice cream recipe" swap I am part of.